Corporate Social Responsibility


    ČEPS is well aware of its privileged position in the Czech power sector. Whilst internationally the Company forms an integral part of the European interconnected power system, domestically its activities have an impact on the everyday life of Czech people. With this in mind, the Company has worked hard since its formation to be a reliable and trusted partner both for the wider power sector and the general public. The Company’s main values include applying a high standard of business ethics, environmentally friendly behaviour, transparency and a non-discriminatory approach.
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) forms an important element of ČEPS’s wider activities. Four main categories are defined in the Company’s strategy with regard to CSR:

    • Staff
      The Company supports systematic professional training for its employees and is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards and ensuring a safe working environment.
      ČEPS, through its close cooperation with a number of technical universities, is making a valuable contribution to the preparation of a new generation of Czech power specialists and engineers.
    • Business partners
      The Company aims to maintain a high standard of business ethics and a customer-oriented approach. The Company is well aware of its responsibilities towards both the power sector (and its impact on the Czech economy) and its various ENTSO-E interconnected system partners.
    • The environment

      Operating the transmission system, ČEPS adheres as much as possible to all relevant regulations and legislation in force both in the Czech Republic and in the EU.

    • Local communities
      In view of the fact that work of ČEPS has its impact in the whole area of the Czech Republic, the Company cares for the quality of life in all regions.