The Czech transmission system will be enhanced thanks to EU grants


Under the projects of common interest (TEN-E and Connecting Europe Facility – CEF), programs of the European Commission, the ČEPS Company has obtained yet over four million euros. It may obtain another almost two million during the first half of the year. The funding is intended for specific projects which will contribute to the operational safety and reliability of not only the Czech transmission system, but also the interconnected European network.

The already received amount will be used for the project of the 400 kV overhead power line between the substations Krasíkov and Horní Životice. The new 80-kilometer line will boost
the supply of electricity in Northern Moravia, which is important mainly for the industrial zones
in the Ostrava and Bruntál regions. The total cost of this project amounts to almost CZK 2 billion. The grant commitments of almost CZK 90 million (3.2 million euro) based on the decisions of
the European Commission in the years 2011 and 2012 are intended directly for construction works. Since last autumn, this line has been functioning as part of the transmission system. Finishing works are to continue throughout this year.  

“We percieve the fact that our projects were put among the projects of common European interest as proof that a systematic and planned development of the Czech transmission system serves the right purpose. It can be concluded that the investment plan of the ČEPS Company contains projects that ensure reliable operation of the transmission system of the Czech Republic, while also contributing to the fulfillment of European objectives with regard to
the safety of the whole interconnected system,“ says Jan Kalina, Chairman of the Board of ČEPS, a.s. 

Another nearly two million euros (about CZK 53 million) may be obtained by the Czech transmission system operator for the projects of intrastate 400 kV power lines Vítkov-Přeštice and Vernéřov-Vítkov, and the construction of new substation 420 kV in Vítkov and expansion of
an existing substation 420 kV Přeštice. The money would be used to process documentation for zoning permits. By the end of January, final reports will be sent to INEA, which patronizes and evaluates the projects of the funding program. In the case the projects are deemed transparent, the subsidy payment can be expected during the first half of this year.

The new 400 kV double circuits between the substations Vítkov and Přeštice, and Vernéřov and Vítkov will ensure a safe capacity transfer from the future renewable energy sources in
the Karlovy Vary region. At the same time, the construction will bolster the Czech transmission system, increase the reliability of operation and the security of supply in Western Bohemia.
Both projects will also significantly reinforce the inner parts of the network, thus contributing to international trade while maintaining safe operation.

The CEF infrastructure fund of the European Union finances projects that are strategically relevant and have transnational importance. This bears some benefits to these projects, for example, making them subject to specific provisions that speed up authorisation procedures.

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