Donation Programme

Through its donation program, the ČEPS Company is actively acknowledging its share of responsibility for the environment in which it operates. By supporting activities that would otherwise not get the chance to exist or would be severely restricted, the Company wants to build its position of a strong and reliable partner. There are two ways towards this position – helping others to develop and helping them overcome barriers. 

The Company aims to support in particular sporting activities of children and youth, culture and education, science and youth welfare. We would like to be the ones who open the door to these areas for children.
We prefer long-term partnerships, as we create our company donation conception systematically, giving it a lot of thought.  We insist on proper financial statements for each supported project, complemented with a final report on the utilization of the donation.

The main areas of our support are as follows:

1. Culture
Support of significant projects aimed to protect cultural and architectural heritage and other heritage recommended by the Czech Ministry of Culture. 

2. Education, science and youth welfare
Contributions aimed at equipping schools with teaching aids. Supporting leisure events and developing children and youth’s talents and activities for handicapped children and youth aiming towards their integration. Financial involvement in the projects National Sports Hope (Národní sportovní naděje), National Sports Team (Státní sportovní reprezentace), Olympism (Olympismus), Sports for All (Sport pro všechny), Sports for Disabled Persons (Sport zdravotně postižených).

3. Healthcare
Support of programs for prevention of smoking and drug abuse. Medicine research and development.

4. Environmental protection

Projects aimed at protection of environment, nature and raising environmental awareness. Support of science and development and their activities related to environmental protection.

5. Charity, humanitarian and welfare assistance

Support of non-profit organizations providing social services to physically, medically or socially challenged people. Contributions aimed at equipping welfare institutions. Assistance for disabled persons in obtaining compensation, rehabilitation and re-education aids. Humanitarian projects.

You will find a report on the ČEPS Company donation programme here

Application assessment process:

The decision of providing donations is made by the sole shareholder exercising its powers of ČEPS, a.s. General Meeting regarding the amount that will be divided to individual donations. This decision also lays out the areas of support of ČEPS, a.s. donation program. The Board of Directors of ČEPS a.s. usually assesses the individual donation applications once per month on its meeting and then submits a request for issuance of opinion to the Supervisory Board of ČEPS, a.s. Afterwards, the Supervisory Board of ČEPS. a.s. on its meeting (also usually once per month) decides on the individual donation applications. After the decision on their application is made, all donation applicants will receive an e-mail informing them about this decision.

Application process

1.     Complete the donation application form truthfully and in full.
2.     If possible, enclose any informational materials you feel to be relevant.
3.     Submit the application with any requested materials electronically to Contact person: Iveta Kmeťková, tel. 211 044 860.

The application form can be downloaded here.