Vision and Mission


ČEPS is a prospering, well-respected and active company on the European electricity market.

The Company’s vision corresponds to its position of a stable and reliable element of both Czech and EU power systems and perception of possible impacts of failures on the economy and population. Nevertheless, this does not exclude the Company’s pro-active approach in searching for new business opportunities and preparing for their implementation.

Prosperous Company
ČEPS strives to be a Company securing its shareholders the ongoing growth of the Company value with corresponding earnings of its capital.

Well-respected Company
ČEPS strives to be internally solid and share information in all openness, maintaining transparent relations with regards to its partners, demonstrating high level of expertise also in the framework of European structures and insisting on its duly justified requirements.

Active Company
ČEPS strives to be actively involved in creating the internal European electricity market, supporting fast integration of the Central European market (CEE) into Western European market.



ČEPS is operating the Czech transmission system, interconnected with the European system, being focused on securing its shareholders the growing value of the Company.

The Company mission reflects two commitments: fulfil the obligations imposed on its position of the transmission system operator and of the joint-stock company.

Balanced fulfilment of these obligations is a necessary pre-condition for proper operation of the Company, being also a key task for the Company Board of Directors and management.

ČEPS is obliged to provide for safe and reliable operation and development of the Czech power system within interconnected European systems. The Company strongly perceives its vital task of securing power supply for proper functioning of the Czech economy in the framework of energy security of the Czech Republic.

At the same time, ČEPS is well-aware of its obligation of a regular operator to enhance the Company value for its shareholders under changing market conditions.