The Prime Minister visited the transmission system operator’s headquarters


Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka and Minister of Industry and Trade
Jiří Havlíček took a look at the operation of the Czech electricity transmission system directly
in the main dispatcher’s hall. The aim of the meeting with the management of ČEPS was to discuss the availability of critical infrastructure of the state in emergencies.

Ensuring trouble-free operation of the electric grid is a condition for the functioning of the whole society. This is why nearly two hundred elements of the transmission system belong to
the critical infrastructure of the state, and some of its parts also to the European Critical Infrastructure.

“We are sharing real-time information with TSOs in neighboring countries as well as distributors, so that our systems are consistent and robust. If our partners were vulnerable, the costs of securing our system would be pointless,” explains Jan Kalina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEPS, a.s.

In order for the transmission system to work reliably, its regular development is necessary. Therefore the discussion also included major legal regulations directly influencing
the construction of the power lines and their amendments. The Prime Minister and the Minister have assured the Company’s representatives that they want to contribute to the development of the system and allow the Company to fulfill its investment plan.

This year, the transmission system operator plans to commission the new Vernéřov substation
in the Ústí nad Labem Region. In the next ten years, the Company plans to invest over 50 billion Czech crowns.

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