Data available in valid CET/CEST time.


  • Load
    Total gross load within the Czech power system.
  • Power balance
    Scheduled outages, needs for ancillary services, prediction of load and domestic power sources and their balance.


Transmission and Interconnectors





  • Regulation energy
    Total amount of activated regulation energy within the Czech power system according to individual AnS, purchase at BM and cross-border RE categories.
  • Power system imbalance and settlement price
    Settlement price taken from the market operator.
  • Financial balance of energy imbalance settlement
    Total payments for individual imbalances of settlement entities within the balancing and settlement mechanism and payments for regulation energy. The difference between the two payments makes up payments received (paid) by the Transmission System Operator and are included in regulated revenues used for the provision of system services.


Test client and web service documentation for download.