Total gross electricity generation within the Czech power system according to individual power plant type (Thermal Power Plant - TPP, Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant - CCGT, Nuclear Power Plant - NPP, Hydro Power Plant - HPP, Pumped-Storage Plant - PsPP, Alternative Power Plant - AltPP, Autoproducer Power Plant - ApPP, Photovoltaic PvPP and Wind Power Plant WPP).

Remark: The category Autoproducer Power Plant (ApPP) has been canceled since 9th October 2014 and the generation data were split into other existing categories according to the production technology used.

The data displayed always represents 15-minute averages [MW] obtained from instantaneous power output values at unit terminals available within the ČEPS control system. Photovoltaic plant power output values represent estimated values of total output. In the “Hour” aggregation, average output is equal to energy [MWh].