Regulation energy

The “Regulation energy” graph shows the average of regulation energy hour values obtained as a result of the activation of all ancillary services (AnS) categories and procurement regulation energy from the balancing market (BM) and abroad (either purchased or received as emergency assistance). A preliminary estimate of the level and direction (negative or positive) of system imbalance can be made based on these values (the activation of positive AnS is required to correct negative system imbalance). The data displayed serves only for preliminary information; ČEPS is not responsible for any damage incurred by the use of the values shown in the graph. Official system imbalance levels are available on the OTE (the electricity and gas market operator) website.

From 1 January 2013 the categories of ancillary services are modified.
The main change is the replacement of existing categories TC, QS, OR and LC to unified category of ancillary service - Minute reserve MRt, where t is the activation time in minutes.

Data is displayed as average hour power in MW. For “Hour” aggregation, average power is equal to energy in MWh. The data is also available in more detailed structuring by individual components and in granularity up to minute level.

To display the minute-level data by individual AnS categories please set in the filter:

  • "Minute" in the Data setting section by the Aggregation field
  • "Choice" in the Timelines section and select "All" in the list

It is also possible to choose only individual categories of ancillary services in the list (while holding down the Ctrl key you can select multiple categories at once).