How to Obtain an EIC

Since 2 April 2004 ČEPS has held the position of Local EIC Issuing Office for the Czech Republic. The EIC (Energy Identification Code) is an identification system which was created for use in the European electricity and gas markets.

This unique system for the identification of electricity and gas market participants throughout Europe represents a significant contribution towards the smooth functioning of the respective integrated European markets.

At the end of 2006 certain defined rights and obligations of the National EIC Issuing Office were transferred from ČEPS to NET4GAS (formerly RWE Transgas Net) concerning a specific code series (beginning with 27XG) for the issuance of EICs for the gas sector, relating to local gas installations in the Czech Republic and valid only within the Czech Republic.

Commencing 1 January 2007, NET4GAS began to fulfil the role of EIC Issuing Office for local gas installations in the Czech Republic.


Procedure for filing an application for EIC assignment

  1. Please download the “Application for EIC assignment” form.
  2. Send the completed form (with the stamp and signature of a statutory representative) to the following address:
    Martin Tomaschko
    ČEPS, a.s.
    Elektrárenská 774/2
    101 52  Praha 10
  3. When completing the “Display Name” box, please use only the permitted characters, i.e. digits from 0 to 9, capital letters from A to Z from the English alphabet and the dash sign (-). We recommend that your series of characters contain your company name or part thereof; your Display Name will thus form part of your EIC.
  4. If you wish to speed up the assignment process, please send the “Application for EIC assignment” form electronically in MS Word format to the EIC Local Issuing Office -
  5. In the box “EIS Usage” please specify whether you are applying for EIC assignment for national or international use (a national EIC will not be registered by ENTSO-E for international use).
  6. If you apply for an international EIC, your processed application will be sent to the ENTSO-E central database to be verified and centrally registered.
  7. Notification of the assignment of an EIC will be sent to the contact person via e-mail within 5 working days following the delivery of the original copy of the application.

A completed sample “Application for EIC assignment” form is available here.



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