How to Become an AnS Provider


The signing of an “Agreement on Accepting ČEPS’s Terms and Conditions for Ancillary Services Purchase and Provision” (hereinafter “Ancillary Services Agreement”) is a necessary precondition for the provision of ancillary services. This Agreement concerns the following ancillary services:

  • primary control;
  • secondary control;
  • minutes reserve.


Other ancillary services are provided under separate agreements.


Applicants for the provision of ancillary services should adhere to the following procedure:

  • Submission of an application for negotiating the provision of AnS

The Applicant should submit an application to ČEPS indicating the Applicant’s intention to become an AnS provider. The application should be accompanied by documentation outlining the company’s history (abstract from the Commercial Register, Annual Reports for the last three years etc.). Upon receiving the application ČEPS will set a date for negotiations and will compile a list of technical data on the generating unit(s) concerned. ČEPS will set a date for negotiations within 30 days of receipt of the application. At the subsequent negotiation meeting the Applicant will be asked to submit the relevant data. ČEPS will inform the Applicant on the basic requirements applicable to ancillary services providers, including the technology used for electronic communication. The minutes of the meeting will contain a binding timetable concerning the procedure to be followed by the Applicant in order to become an eligible AnS provider.

  • Submission of a certificate for a generating unit to provide AnS

The Applicant will be required to submit to ČEPS a generating unit certificate issued by a recognised certification authority in compliance with the Grid Code (the relevant form can be found in Part V of the Grid Code).


List of certification authorities

  • “Point-to-point” test and performance tests

Upon receiving the generating unit certificate, ČEPS will connect the new generating unit to its control system and, in cooperation with the Applicant, will carry out a point-to-point test and performance tests concerning the unit’s control capability. ČEPS, jointly with the Applicant, will verify the capacity of the telecommunications lines between the ČEPS control system and the Applicant’s generating unit(s). If the tests prove successful, the ČEPS Control Centre will issue a Test Report on the point-to-point test as well as the performance tests.

  • Entering into an Ancillary Services Agreement
  • Entering into Agreement with OTE, a.s.

Simultaneously applicant shall sign the agreement on balancing energy settlement with OTE, a.s.

  • Access to the Damas Energy system

Following the signing of an Ancillary Services Agreement, a Damas Energy system user account will be opened for the Applicant within 5 working days of the submission of a completed form. Suitable technical equipment (a PC) and a qualified certificate are required for access to the Damas Energy system according to the Operational Rules. A qualified certificate is issued in accordance with the conditions of an accredited certification authority within approximately 1 month.


List of current AnS providers