How AnS Are Procured

Long-term contracts

Long-term contracts are entered into following the results of an invitation to tender issued by ČEPS for individual categories of AnS. An invitation to tender is sent in paper form or electronically via the Electronic Tender module of the Damas Energy. Approximately 95% of AnS are purchased in this way.

Day-ahead AnS market

The day-ahead market for AnS (AnS DAM) was opened on 1 October 2001 and was operated up to 30 September 2009 as one of the modules of the Damas e-Portal.

On 1 October 2009 the AnS DAM became part of the Damas Energy system. All eligible providers of individual categories of AnS which are relevant certificate holders and have agreed to AnS trading rules have a Damas Energy system user account. The procedure for trading in the AnS DAM via the Damas Energy system is described in detail in the Damas Energy Operational Rules. Statistical data on the AnS DAM is available on the “Public Access” page 

 AnS DAM statistics in the Damas Energy system from 1 October 2009

  • Daily average data for the AnS DAM
  • Overview of services purchased in the AnS DAM
  • Power volumes

AnS DAM statistics to 30 September 2009 contained in the Damas ePortal:

  • Hourly values for individual AnS categories
  • Daily average values
  • Proportion in the AnS DAM
  • Offer prices for regulation energy for individual hours  


AnS statistics for individual years:

Statistics for individual AnS categories:


Weighted averages of prices for ancillary services provided under long-term contracts concluded following the results of an invitation to tender, by yearly breakdown: