Weighted averages of prices for AnS 2011

Weighted averages of prices for ancillary services provided under long-term contracts concluded for 2011 following the results of an invitation to tender can be found here.

Weighted averages of AnS prices for individual calendar weeks differ only in terms of specific tariff zones – working day, working night, non-working day and non-working night. Since values for each hour within these zones are identical, only one price value is given for each zone. Day zone refers to the time period from 6:00 to 22:00; night zone refers to the remaining trading hours.

The reservation of the “Quick-start reserve available within 10 minutes” (QS10) ancillary service is currently offered by a single AnS provider. The average price for the QS10 service for 2011 equals the price for the QS15 service plus CZK 550/MWh.