Damas Energy

Damas Energy is ČEPS’s trading technical system.

The Damas Energy System (DaE) is ČEPS’s comprehensive information system for the management of electricity trading. The DaE is an internet-based system designed for the automation of commercial and technological processes within the Czech power system; it enables flexible communication between the Transmission System Operator and other market participants – electricity generators, domestic and foreign traders, wholesale consumers and ancillary services providers as well as efficient communication between internal users. The DaE provides, on a daily basis, two-way data transfer and performs data processing and evaluation. The Damas Energy System also communicates with a number of other e-systems; as far as the Czech Republic is concerned, these primarily comprise the information system of the Electricity Market Operator, the control systems of the TSO Control Centre, the ERP system, various metering systems etc.

Guidelines for the use of individual elements of the DaE are defined in a binding document entitled Damas Energy Operational Rules, version 5.0; this document forms an integral part of the “Agreement on Accepting the General Terms and Conditions for Ancillary Services Purchase” and the “Agreement on Accepting the Commercial Terms and Conditions for Cross-Border Electricity Transfers.”

The DaE system consists of several sections (subsystems) which differ in terms of business logic; each section is made up of individual modules:

Ancillary Services

  • Electronic tenders (eT)
  • AnS contracts
  • Day-ahead AnS market
  • Operational planning
  • Certificates for generating units
  • AnS assessment 


Regulation Energy

  • Regulation energy assessment


System Services

  • Capacity allocation
  • International scheduling

The system is described in detail in the Damas Energy User’s Manual.


ČEPS operators: Helpdesk.trade@ceps.cz, tel.: +420 211 044 507, mobile: +420 724 601 301.

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