Core CCR

Core CCR stands for a Capacity Calculation Region (CCR) that comprises 16 European TSOs and geographically covers a significant part of Europe. The region was established on the basis of the ACER Decision of 17 November 2016 (Decision No 06/2016 and its annexes) to combine the existing regional initiatives of former Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and Central Western Europe (CWE).   

Core CCR project webpage is available on ENTSO-E website.

Capacity calculation regions play an important role in further developing and integrating European electricity markets. At this level, procedures concerning cross-border trade and operation of interlinked transmission systems are being set up in line with the requirements of European Network Codes and Guildelines for energy market (CACM, FCA) and operation (SO GL). These Commission Regulations commit TSOs inter alia to develop a common cross-border capacity calculation methodology both for day-ahead and intraday market (flow-based). TSOs will also design and implement principles for capacity calculation for long-term time-frames or a methodology for coordinated redispatching and countertrading.

The cooperation of TSOs within Core CCR follows the following governance structure:

  • HLM - Chief Executive Officers of TSOs give general guidance for the cooperation, determine strategic directions and manage conflicts as well as remove blocking issues
  • Core Steering Group (Core SG) - TSOs representatives take decisions on strategic, organisational, operational and financial aspects of the cooperation including issues addressed to it by Workgroups and Taskforces 
  • Workgroups (WG) - experts of TSOs in charge of producing common deliverables 
  • Taskforces (TF) - experts of TSOs fulfilling specific tasks such as strategy or communication
  • Project Teams (PT) - experts of TSOs working on a specific issue overlapping the scope of two or more WGs or TFs 

TSOs are assisted by an external project manager who is in charge of the day-to-day management and of the coordination of the work of different working platforms.

Core CCR TSOs have set up a special consultative group – Core Consultative Group (Core CCG) with the aim to inform the concerned market participants and involve them into discussions about the implementation of CCR deliverables within the Core CCR – related announcements are available at the Core CCR webpage.