Transmission System Timeline

In the 1950s, Czech transmission system development experienced a milestone with isolated transmission system having been centralized under one centrally controlled unit.

The first 220 kV power line Výškov - Opočínek was launched in operation in 1951. At the end of 1958 construction was started at 400 kV power line and 400/220 kV transformer stations at Hradec u Kadaně and Prosenice: 220 kV transformer station at Hradec u Kadaně was launched in operation at the end of 1959, together with 220 kV double line Výškov-Hradec-Zwönitz ensuring cooperation between our energy systems and those in former German Democratic Republic. Moreover, this year marked also the beginning of operation of 220 kV power line Lískovec-Jaworzno enabling cooperation with Poland. Four years later, total power line length was 1,795 km for 220 kV power line and 500 km for 400 kV power line, to be extended within the following five years by further 224 km and 309 km for 220 kV and 400 kV power lines, respectively.

Virtually completed in the 1980s, backbone transmission system currently comprises 220 kV and 400 kV power lines. The former ceased to be constructed at the beginning of the 1970s, being nowadays used mainly as backup and complementary lines and to transfer the output from power lines connected to the system.

In mid-1990s, transmission system operation went through significant changes. In particular, there was a considerable growth in the volume of energy transmitted. In 2010, extensive transmission system development process was launched aimed at strengthening the system to meet new demands of domestic customers as well as requirements following from international cooperation. Indeed, this was one of the reasons for constructing new transformer station Kletné in Hladké Životice, close to Fulnek municipality. Initiated in 2010, it was launched in operation one year later, in November 2011, together with Chotějovice gas-insulated substation in northern Bohemia.

In the following years, ČEPS is committed to invest annually approx. CZK 5 bn. to the transmission system development and upgrade.

In particular, the transmission system development focuses mainly on reinforcing both internal and crossborder connections as well as new energy sources connection and on strengthening mutual transformer connections of transmission and distribution systems. Geographical location of the Czech transmission system ensures its significant participation in output flow transfers within electricity trading in Continental Europe. ČEPS Investment Plan includes North-South power line reinforcement, as well as strengthening of transmission lines from north Bohemia brown coal power plants eastwards. Moreover, transmission system development is coordinated in the framework ENTSO-E international cooperation (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), in which ČEPS is a member.

Transmission System Timeline


​Postupný vývoj přenosové soustavy - připravovaný rozvoj PS do 2015Gradual development of the transmission system - scheduled transmission system development by 2015
​Přehled zdrojů vyvedených do přenosové soustavyOverview of sources with output into the transmission system
​Celkem do přenosové soustavyTotal output into the transmission system
​Sumární délka provozovaných vedení přenosové soustavyTotal length of power lines operated within the transmission system
​Vedení 400 kV400 kV power line
​Vedení 220 kV220 kV power line
​Celkem přenosová soustavyTotal for the transmission system
​Transformační výkon v přenosové soustavěTransformation capacity within the transmission system
​LegendaExplanatory notes
​Vedení 400 kV v provozu400 kV power lines in operation
​Vedení 220 kV v provozu220 kV power lines in operation
​Poloha rozvoden přenosové soustavySubstation location within the transmission system
​Vyvedení zdroje do přenosové soustavySource output into the transmission system
​Státní hraniceNational border
​Hranice krajůRegional border
​Transformace 400/110, 220/110, 400/220 (kV)400/110, 220/110, 400/220 (kV) transformations
​Nový prvek v přenosové soustavěNew unit within the transmission system
​Zrušený prvek v přenosové soustavěCancelled unit within the transmission system
​Rozdělení rozvodny Hradec na dvě samostatné částiSubstation Hradec division into two separate parts
​Průběh spotřeby brutto ve dni ročního maximaGross consumption development in annual peak day
​Vývoj tuzemské brutto spotřebyDomestic gross consumption development
​PETPP (thermal power plant)
​JENPP (nuclear power plant)
​VEHPP (hydro power plant)
​PVEPsPP (pumped storage power plant)
​Rozdělení rozvodny Hradec na dvě samostatné částiSubstation Hradec division into two separate parts
​Příčná spojka 400 kV Bezděčín – Čechy StředLateral coupler 400 kV Bezděčín – Čechy Střed
​Zdvojení vedení 400 kV Slavětice – Dürnrohr (AT)Second circuit construction of 400 kV Slavětice – Dürnrohr (AT) power line