Transmission system development

Planning the further development of the transmission system (TS) is among the indispensable, on-going activities which ensure that the requirements for a reliable operation of the entire electric power system (EPS) under standard conditions are met, and will continue to be met for the foreseeable future.  This planning work, which is one of ČEPS's mandatory tasks under the Energy Act, must reflect the requirements of power producers and ensure the reliable transfer of their sources' output into and across the grid.  At the same time, the development of the TS must satisfy the demands of all power market participants for the transmission of electric power, in the required scope and quality, always reflecting the geographic distribution of sites at which electric power is being produced and at which it is being consumed within the TS.  The development of the TS must also take into account the demands imposed by the fact that the Czech transmission system is part of a larger international network of interconnected systems, and must respect the obligations to which European laws and regulations and international treaties give rise. 

The process of planning the further development of the TS keeps in mind that the TS is both part of a trans-European network and a part of the Czech EPS (i.e., the system which connects domestic market participants to the grid).  The development of the TS must therefore be coordinated with other players within the EPS.  The fundamental objective of TS development is to maintain the required level of reliability of transmission services.  

The PS development concept anticipates activities in three basic areas as follows:  

  • Development of the transmission system in line with the consumption growth forecasts for the individual regions of the Czech Republic and the corresponding growth in demand for transmission capacity (including demands arising from international collaboration).  This area of development is also the context within which ČEPS pursues development projects triggered by expansion plans of TS users - i.e., in particular, investors behind new production facilities.  The capacity load prediction for individual years is based on the trend of past years and on the DSOs' knowledge of projects that respect the state's energy policy.  The tools used for a cross-sectional analysis of the transmission situation at various time horizons are mathematical balancing and calculation models. 
  • Renewal/modernization of technology depending on the assessment of their current condition 
  • Ensuring the reliability of transmission services. 


Pursuant to Sec. 24(10)(j) of the Energy Act (Act No. 458/2000 Coll.), ČEPS must draw up a ten-year investment plan for the development of the TS (the English translation is not officially approved, the only valid version is the Czech one) which must be accessible to the general public at ČEPS's website. The ten-year TS development plan for 2017–2026 was created based on the current state and input available to ČEPS as at 30 September 2016.

Persuant to Sec. 16(n) of the Energy Act, Ministry of Industry and Trade ("MIT") gave its positive optinion on the investment plan for the development of the TS, which is available here (Czech only). Subsequently, persuant to Sec. 17(7)(i) of the Energy Act, Energy Regulatory Office approved the investment plan for the development of the TS, which is available here (Czech only).

Scheme of the Czech TS (Czech only) - interactive map of the Czech transmission system development in ten-year investment plan.

List of selected investments of power lines and substations upgrade:

Project name Length (km) Construction started Construction completed
V403/803 Prosenice - Nošovice, doubling of the circuit​80​20212023​
V406/V407 Kočín - Mírovka, building the new line 121 2021 2025
​V409/V410 - loop to the Praha Sever substation​132025​2025​
V411/V811 Hradec - Výškov, doubling of the circuit 46 2023 2024
V413/V416 - loop to the Mírovka substation 25 2018 2019
​V413 Řeporyje - Mírovka, strengthening of the transmission capability146​2025​2026​
V415/V416 Chodov - Čechy Střed, I. stage - doubling of the circuit  8 2021 2021
V415/V416 Chodov - Čechy Střed, II. stage - doubling of the circuit 28​2022​2022​
​V423 Čebín - Sokolnice, strengthening of the transmission capability​38,32020​2023​
​V430/V830 Hradec - Chrást, doubling of the circuit82​2024​2025​
V431/V831 Chrást - Přeštice, doubling of the circuit 33 2023 2023
V432/429 Přeštice - Kočín, doubling of the circuit​1172026​2028​
​V434/834 Slavětice - Čebí, doubling of the circuit​522026​​2028

V443/V449 - loop to the Dětmarovice substation

1,2 2025 2025
V450/V428 Výškov - Babylon, doubling of the circuit 73 2020 2022
V451/V448 Babylon - Bezděčín, doubling of the circuit 54 2019 2020
V456/V803 - loop to the Kletná substation 29 2024 2025
​V460 Nošovice - Albrechtice, strengthening of the transmission capability16,5​20202020​
​V475/V477 - loop to the Milín substation0,7​2023​2023​
V487/V488 Vernéřov - Vítkov, building the new line 83 2021 2023
V490/V491 Přeštice - Vítkov, building the new line 87 2019 2021
Čechy Střed substation, comprehensive reconstruction - 2012 2017
Dětmarovice substation, new 420 kV substation   - 2023 2025
Hradec substation, new PST transformer - 2015 2017
​Hradec substation, comprehensive reconstruction-​2021​2030​
​Chodov substation, comprehensive reconstruction-​2016​2018​
​Chrást substation, comprehensive reconstruction-​2021​2024​
Kočín substation, comprehensive reconstruction     - 2017 2023
Mílín substation, new 420 kV substation - 2022 2023
Otrokovice substation, comprehensive reconstruction   - 2015 2018
Praha-Sever substation, new 420 kV substation - 2023 2025
​Prosenice substation, comprehensive reconstruction  -​20192024​
Slavětice substation, comprehensive reconstruction - 2024 2032
Vernéřov substation, new 420 kV substation - 2015 2017
Vítkov substation, new 420 kV substation   - 2018 2020