System Services


System Services (SyS) are provided by ČEPS in order to ensure the required quality and reliability of electricity supply at the transmission system level and the fulfilment of the Company’s international commitments and conditions for Czech power system interconnection with other European systems. Quality is primarily defined in terms of frequency and voltage parameters as specified in the Grid Code. Reliability concerns the stability of electricity supply at points of supply from the transmission system; this parameter is determined by the average number and duration of supply interruptions at individual connection points.

System services comprise the following:

  • maintenance of electricity quality;
  • maintenance of power balance in real time;
  • restoration of power supply and
  • dispatch Control.


The cost of system services forms one element of the final price of electricity paid by all consumers connected to the power system. ČEPS finally receives payment for its system services from regional distribution system operators. The tariff for system services is set out in a Price Decision published annually by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) for the following calendar year.