NTCs for monthly auctions - results by ČEPS, a.s.

  • Available trading capacities for December 2017 
direction APG [MW] TenneT [MW] 50HzT [MW] SEPS [MW] PSE [MW]
to ČEPS 150 (11.12. - 0 MW)  100 100   0 *)              500              
from ČEPS 150 (11.12. - 0 MW)  400 400  0 *)                 600


  • Definition:

Capacity available for trading for month is a power output guaranteed for a complete month, i.e. for all planned regimes and expected conditions of electrification system inclusive of loop and physical power flows with the exception of the so-called Force Majeure cases. Specification of capacities available for trading on the individual profiles is possible within the daily auctions/allocations. 

  • Notes:

Values respect physical splitting of trades onto individual interfaces. Trades in partial directions draw available transmission capacity (ATC) on all the interfaces at the same time. Thereby capacities in individual directions are dependent of each other.
Values are valid for the planned conection of the network and typical operation conditions with the consideration of N-1 criterion.
Values in directions from ČEPS and to ČEPS are valid on each interface independently.

Auction office site see: JAO

Additional capacities will be offered in daily auctions based on an agreement with pertners according to an actual operation situation.

*) Free nominations in D-2.