Offered capacities for yearly auction 2017 from ČEPS perspective


direction APG [MW] TenneT [MW] 50HzT [MW] SEPS [MW] PSE [MW]
from ČEPS  300  500  500  #)  600 *)
to ČEPS  300  200  200  #)  300 *)



*) partner TSO publishes its own values according to the technical profile PSE - SEPS, ČEPS, 50HzT. 

# - There are free longterm nominations available on this cross border.

Information concerning coordinated auctions can be found at JAO auction office web site.

  • Comments:

Values take physical share of comercial exchanges among all cross borders into account. Exchanges in particular direction use available transmission capacity simultaneously of all cross border profiles. Power flows in concrete directions are mutualy interdependent. Values reflect scheduled maintenace and typical operational conditions including security criterion of N-1. Published values "from CEPS" and "to CEPS" are simultaneous and mutually non interdependent.

Aditional capacity increases for monthly and daily auctions after coordination and harmonization with parners according to the actual operational situation.