Regulation energy

ČEPS procures electricity in order to balance contracted and actual electricity supply and consumption within the transmission system.

Electricity procured by ČEPS can be divided into three categories:

  • regulation energy obtained as a result of AnS activation – for values thereof please see the Damas Energy section of the ČEPS website;
  • electricity purchased in the balancing market for regulation energy organised by the OTE (the electricity and gas market operator);
  • electricity purchased abroad.


Regulation energy procured due to AnS activation can be provided only by those generating units certified as eligible for specified AnS provision.

Both positive and negative regulation energy can be offered in the balancing market by registered market participants with the consent of the imbalance settlement entity which has assumed responsibility for such a market participant’s imbalance according to an agreement on access to the balancing market signed with the OTE. An offer for the provision of regulation energy accepted by ČEPS is considered to be regulation energy actually provided.


According to ERÚ Regulation 552/2006, effective since 1 January 2007, the following regulation energy prices are determined:

  • the price of positive/negative regulation energy actually delivered equals the offer price of positive/negative regulation energy to be delivered from generating units providing ancillary services;
  • the price of positive/negative regulation energy delivered from generating units whose secondary control service was activated during a given trading hour is set by an ERÚ Price Decision.


Regulation energy offer prices can be accessed via the Damas Energy trading system (available through the ČEPS homepage, Damas Energy section) which contains an overview of regulation energy costs. Please select “Offer prices for regulation energy” or “Daily regulation energy” using the drop down menu.


Balancing market for regulation energy

Emergency supply of regulation energy

Grid Control Cooperation

Real-time electricity supply from/to abroad (ESA)