Minute reserve available within 15 minutes negative


The negative minute reserve available within 15 minutes is provided by those generating units connected to the Czech power system which are capable of providing the contracted regulation reserve RZMZt± within 15 minutes of a command from the ČEPS Control Centre. The minute reserve refers to a required change in generating unit power output, positive or negative, as measured at unit terminals.

The negative minute reserve RZMZt- can be provided e.g. in the form of a reduction in unit power output or connection of the relevant load to the Czech power system.

The minimum value of RZMZt for t=15 minutes provided by one unit is 10MW. The maximum unit power output is 70MW (unless otherwise contracted with the TSO). The duration of the provision of this service is not limited.


Conditions for this ancillary service provision are specified in the Agreement with AnS Providers.