State of Emergency and its Prevention

A state of emergency is declared when an emergency situation occurs within the Czech power system, i.e. when electricity supply is jeopardised due either to an electricity shortage or problems related to electricity transfer the consequences of which can impact all consumer categories within the power system, including households.

A state of emergency and the prevention of a state of emergency are defined by Article 54 of Act 458/2000 (in Czech), on business conditions and the state administration’s role in the energy sector and on amendments to certain Acts (the Energy Act). 

A state of emergency within the power system occurs due to the following:

  • natural disaster; 
  • measures taken by state authorities in a national emergency situation including the threat of war; 
  • system failures or an accumulation of failures on generating, transmission or distribution equipment; 
  • smog situations as defined by specific rules; 
  • acts of terrorism; 
  • imbalance in the power system or part thereof; 
  • transmission of a failure from a foreign power system or 
  •  if the physical safety and protection of persons is threatened.


A state of emergency entails a significant and unexpected shortage of electricity supply or may jeopardise power system integrity or the safety and security of electricity supply within the Czech Republic as a whole or a specific region or part thereof.

A state of emergency is declared for the whole of the Czech Republic by the Transmission System Operator.  

Prevention of a state of emergency, a set of measures aimed at preventing emergency situations, is available for implementation should there be a real risk of a state of emergency. 

Prevention of a state of emergency is announced throughout the whole of the Czech Republic by the Transmission System Operator without undue delay, at the latest within 1 hour of the commencement of action taken to prevent a state of emergency.

The Energy Act, Article 54 sets out rules for the declaration of a state of emergency or for the announcement of the prevention of a state of emergency, sets out the obligation to conform to the respective measures and excludes the right to compensation for damage and loss of profit as a result of such situations.

In particular enclosures of Regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 80/2010 (No.1 Consumption Restriction Schedule, No.2 Output Restriction Schedule, No.3 Frequency Maintenance Schedule - all in Czech) you can find available tools for solving situations in case of threatening or existing state of emergency, including definitions of range of users of the power system, who are concerned in particular measures.