Consumption Restriction Schedule

The Consumption Restriction Schedule allows electricity consumption to be restricted for seven categories of customers; these categories correspond to the seven regulation stages. Electricity supply is not disrupted; however, consumers falling into certain specified categories are obliged to reduce their consumption.

  • Basic stage (ü) - no restrictions on power consumption;
  • Warning stage (!) -no restrictions on power consumption; the warning concerns the non-fulfilment of transmission system reliability criteria which might be followed by restrictions on electricity supply;
  • Regulation stages 1 to 7power consumption is restricted for specified consumer categories according to set rules.  


The Consumption Restriction Schedule is provided in Annex 1 to Regulation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 80/2010 (both in Czech), on a state of emergency in the power sector and the content of emergency plans as well as in ČEPS Operational Instruction PI 820-2. 


Announcement of regulation stages

  1. By telephone to the relevant DSO control centres;
  2. Through the media (radio);
  3. Via the ČEPS Crisis webpage (;

The area and time period (from – to) for which the regulation stage is issued is specified by the dispatcher who can subsequently revise the regulation stage, area or time period depending on failure situation development.