Code of Ethics

  • Business strategy support
    Employees support strategic business objectives achieving.

  • Pro-customer orientation
    Continuous improvement of the customer service as an added value.
    Highest customer satisfaction as a main objective.
    Not abusing the role of service provider to gain any advantage nor offer a service which can´t be ensured.

  • Ethics
    Our employees follow the legislation, other policies and business rules to prevent dishonest and unprofessional conduct.
    Our employees eliminate corruption and conflict of interests.
    Our employees don´t provide any external services related to company core business without an employer´s agreement.

  • Security and Information
    Our employees keep confidential information secured to prevent employer or customers from being mistreated.
    Our employees restrict other people from abusing company´s technical equipment or internal information entrusted.
    Health and safety is our priority.
    We keep high standards of environmental protection rules.