ČEPS Invest mainly ensures the implementation of the investment programme of ČEPS, its parent company.

ČEPS Invest’s basic products consist of the following:


Feasibility studies for projects proposals for variant solutions for future construction projects
Documentation for project assignment
idea specification of the chosen technical solution
 including economic assessment
Documentation for planning permission project documentation required to obtain permission for facility siting
Documentation for building permission  
Documentation for facility construction project documentation required for the permit procedure
Documentation for tendering for the contractor assignment documentation
Documentation for actual facility construction  
Project management fulfilment of project manager responsibilities
Complete engineering services negotiations with parties concerned with construction; construction supervision and investor technical supervision
Supply of equipment (both building and technological)
Supply of energy facilities (substations and high-voltage and extra-high-voltage power lines)
Preparation of documentation for environmental impact assessment (EIA) purposes   
Coordinator for health and safety at work according to Act 309/2006  
Energy audits  

ČEPS Invest, a.s.